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IIoT Study Case Utility Equipment Maintenance System Ep.1

IIoT Case Study This is a power plant, of course, it must be a company with a large job site. There are many utilities to manage. It is therefore difficult to determine who is in charge, when a device has been inspected for repair, where it has been damaged and needs to be repaired or maintained.
But when factories are equipped with IoT, manufacturing is like a smart assistant!
Today I have a Before – After installation of IoT in the production of this power plant for everyone. Let's go see.
More details about IoT in manufacturing :


Operation Flow
1. Utilities It will only be inspected and repaired when a problem occurs.
2. Inspection / repair history will be saved and managed on the document. (sheet of paper)

1. I don't know the cause of the problem where it happened. at what device And who is responsible for that point?
2. It cannot be checked regularly.
3. It takes a long time to handle the repair. because there is no preparation for Failed and no spare parts


Operation Flow
1. Able to scan QR Code attached to each device for inspection / repair.
2. Maintenance history will be saved automatically.

1. The status of each device is automatically saved and displayed.
2. Notifications will be sent both during the normal inspection period and at the end of the warranty period (expiry date).
3. In the event of an error or failure can be inferred from past situations

In Future
1. Able to analyze based on experience data in order to know the equipment that
fragile, cause, environment, etc. and make the device last longer.


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