The interview of C.S.I.Solutions Co., Ltd. (C.S.I. Group) about production control system appeared in Thailand “newsclip” in the Japanese general information website.

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Posted Date:November 6, 2015 (Fri)
Interviewee:Keisuke Furuya(Sales Manager)

Production Control System of C.S.I. Solutions Co., Ltd. (C.S.I. Group)

A package fitting “Needs for various uses”
A layout that local Thai staffs find “Easy to use”

 The system implementation ratio in Thai manufacturing industries who pay best attention to the enhancement and growth of production is also increasing year after year. Even focusing only on Japanese small and medium-sized companies, it can be said that currently 40-50% of these companies use some kind of system for operation. However, we see many problems, like“It is non-user friendly and inconsistent with the business form because it is a package”, “It can use only for the management of material receiving and product shipment”. It can be called the system for the first time after it understands the on-site progress situation, then calculates the appropriate production cost, and reflect its calculation result in business judgment. Moreover, it is used by the local Thai staffs, not by Japanese staffs who decided the implementation. Therefore, the thing that we would like to propose is the system that the local Thai staffs can use effectively and Japanese staffs can make an accurate business judgment.

A lot of “Inflexible” packages

 C.S.I. Group has over 24 years of software development in Thailand, and our company, C.S.I. Solutions Co., Ltd. was launched as the package department. We entered into a partner agreement with EX corporation, a software development agency, in October last year to sell “Factory-ONE MF R3.0”which is a manufacture and sales integrated system for small and medium-sized companies. We has also started the implementation for Japanese affiliated manufacturers in Thailand.

 In this time, EX corporation will provide full overseas support based on “MF R3.0” reaching mature level as a production control system, and already released “Factory-One GL R1.0”, a new lineup, in June this year. Our company is also expanding sales to ASEAN countries including Thailand.

 The package product is easy to implement at a cheap price when comparing with scratch development (develop from zero), anyway it still has some hard-to-use areas because it cannot exactly conform to the business system. Although it is easy to use at the beginning of implementation, the problems such as “Cannot change the package specification according to the increase or decrease of production line”occurs in the end, and it leads to the dissatisfaction such as “It is inflexible”, “It has to adjust work operation according to the package”.

 The real purpose of production control system is to understand the progress of WIP (Work in Process), determine the appropriate production cost, and reflect received information in the business judgment. But in the current situation, the package is hard to use, it can use at most for management of material receiving and product shipment, and it is often found to be the system “which is useful only for printing out receiving slip and shipment slip”.

The package that doesn’t “Make users adapt”, but is “Adapted to users”

 The package that stands out from those kind of products is “Factory-One MF R3.0”. It is the package in which the customer’s requirement is adopted as much as possible, and it doesn’t “Make user adapt, but it is“Adapted to users”. It can customize in many ways to fit the business system, so the operability is naturally high. Such “High degree of freedom”has overwhelmingly differentiated this product from other competitors’products. In Japan, it has been sold more than 1,250 sites mostly to small and medium-sized manufacturers. It is available to manufacturers in production and assembly industry in wide-ranging areas such as electrical machinery and apparatus, metallic products, food products, and wood materials. For the company size of the customer, the company with 50-100 employees and 100-300 employees account for one-quarter each of all customers.

 The version that provides full overseas suppot of “WMF R3.0” is “GL R1.0” which has features as follows.

  1. Full support for displaying in English including layout such as caption, message.
  2. Support the decimal points of currency, unit price, amount including the calculation for tax rate and tax amount.
  3. Simplify screen to make it more user friendly and intuitive.
  4. Provide reports required for overseas such as INVOICE, DEBIT NOTE, DELIVERY NOTE as a standard feature.

It can shorten time for application survey/application design which is known as FIT&GAP and development.

If Thai staffs dont’ accept, it will be unsuccessful implementation

 In case of Japanese factory, even though Thai staffs want, but it cannot implement if there is no decision from Japanese manager. On the other hand, although it has proceeded to the implementation under Japanese initiative, it will be unsuccessful “if Thai users don’t accept”. Not only Thailand, but for overseas companies, firstly it is important to make the users in that country feel that “it is user-friendly”, “We want to try”.

 Regarding that point, it can be said that “GL R1.0” is the product which is easily deployed for local staffs in overseas based on the following concepts.

  1. Get a foothold among overseas local staffs
  2. Run promptly with no fault
  3. Begin by improving inventory accuracy

Provide many functions in very simple visual not to make users feel complicated.

 Certainly it also can customize to fit the user’s requirements as same as “MF R3.0”. Originally, source code of “Factory-One” series had been disclosed, and there is no black box in the product. Our company which is a dealer can take quick action and support as same as the development origin. It is well finished when comparing with the cheap edition, and it can implement at half price of Japan. The customers said that “It is easy to consider the request for approval from head office”.

What is required for the dealer?

 C.S.I. Group is a pioneer as a scratch development company for Japanese companies in Thailand, and we are pround of our achievements in system implementation/operation over a quarter of a century. Total staffs are about 340 persons, including over 30 Japanese staffs. The implementation team for each product will be formed, and our staffs including engineering experiencers will engage in overall implementation starting from proposal to after-service.

 For “GL R1.0” , we definitely set up the exclusive team including staffs who are fluent in Japanese, English and Thai; called Project Coordinator. This is a unique support formation of C.S.I. Group which are not commonly seen in other companies.

 What the package development company expected from the dealers is the great efforts of human resources who are well-versed in the product and able to have things done without the on-site support of the development company’s staffs. On the other hand, what the customer expected from the dealers is know-how and ability to take action to deal with all matters happening on the site and move on even without confirming with the Japanese development company.

 We believe that our company can fulfill that duty. Also we can support the implementation for neighboring countries other than Thailand as the dealer in ASEAN area.

Please refer to this page for more details of the introduction of solution.

Production Control System Factory-ONE

"Factory-ONE" is a product developed by EX corporation. Click here to go to the website of EX corporation.