Information about system operations management solution “JP1” has been released.

【Thai*System Operations Management Solution JP1】3 areas provided by JP1|C.S.I.Group

IT system operations management software “JP1” provides an integrated support for system operation automation, IT asset management, etc.

■ “JP1”: A system operations management software which is easy to implement even in Thailand

■ 3 areas provided by JP1

【タイ・システム開発】システム運用管理ソリューション JP1 - コンプライアンス|C.S.I.グループ

【Thai*System Operations Management Solution JP1】 - Automation|C.S.I.Group|C.S.I.グループ

【Thai*System Operations Management Solution JP1】 - Monitoring|C.S.I.Group

■ Why do we recommend implementing JP1 by C.S.I.?

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