In this time C.S.I. Group which is based in Bangkok, Thailand has obtained “ISO/IEC27001:2013 (ISMS:Information Security Management System)” certification, which is an international standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS) on January 5, 2019.

Services provided by our company using the appropriate information management system in security aspect has been formally proven by third-party organization with this certification.

<Details of Certificate Registration>

Certification Standard:ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Registration No.:IS 699403
Registered Date:5 January 2019
Certifying Organization:BSI (British Standards Institution)

About Information Security Management System (ISMS/ISO27001)

Internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 is an excellent framework which helps organizations manage and protect their information assets so that they remain safe and secure. It helps you to continually review and refine the way you do this, not only for today, but also for the future. That’s how ISO/IEC 27001 protects your business, your reputation and adds value.

Leading benefits of ISO/IEC 27001 experienced by BSI customers:
・Reduce business risk
・Inspire trust in our business
・Help protect our business

(Reference:About ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS from a formal website of BSI: Certifiying Organization

In the future, we will try more improvement/maintenance/development for quality management system including information security management system, and be engaged in order to further increase customer confidence and security.