C.S.I. held the seminar about manufacturing IoT implementation for Japanese manufacturers who expanded their business into Thailand.



Seminar Name:An approach to IoT Solution Implementation in Thailand


Overview of Seminar about Manufacturing IoT Implementation


Period : 19 September 2017 (Fri)

Place : Sri Racha (Rayong province)

Target Visitor : Manufacturers who are interested in manufacturing IoT

Person in charge  : CSI Sales representative - Mr. Ogawa


Contents of Seminar about Manufacturing IoT Implementation


1. Overview of C.S.I., Solutions List


2. Voice of Concern

We received the order like “Even in Thailand, try to reduce factory manpower by using 『IoT』 and visualize the factory (Manufacturing capacity rate, traceability, manufacturing cost, etc.)”

In case of the person in charge for factory:

  • I don’t know where can I call out for support, and where to begin.
  • I don’t know at all about IT. Can the equipment itself send the data?
  • Don’t you think the investment amount will increase again due to FA?

In case of the person in charge for IT department:

  • I have no idea about the details of equipments.
  • Where we should get the data from? If using barcode, I know but...
  • It needs to cooperate with other departments, but production is number 1.


3. Companies Appearing in Manufacturing IoT Implementation and Roles



4. System Implementation Results


5. Case Study of Implementation

  1. Case (1):Data monitoring system
  2. Case (2):Traceability system (Production traceability in production line)
  3. Case (3):Traceability system (Data centralized management)


6. Software Solution Map to Realize Factory IoT


7. Conclusion


Inquiries about Seminar/Manufacturing IoT


Mail : Inquiry Form or ogawa@csithai.com

Tel  : (+66)2-231-3851~7 (Person in charge: Ogawa)



With our responsibiliry, C.S.I. would like to continue providing Japanese manufactures in Thailand with all varieties of solution by making full use of『IoT』in the future.