Our Value

Our 3 Strengths for Supporting Your Business

As a large Japanese-Thai software development company with a number of achievements, we are more than ready to contribute the value added to your client's business.


Qualified Human Resource

  ■ 400 exclusively selected engineer teams who are ready to develop the system from "zero" to serve your needs.
■ Japanese Engineer team with professional background in World Leading Japanese IT company who can solve your business's problem.

Professional Counseling

  ■ Propose Best Practice including IT solutions based on the business practices and legal systems of Thailand for solving your business problems.

Effective Performance

  ■ Our Project Coordinator(*1) can effectively support your system development project.
■ For more than 25 years of our elaborative experience of Know-how and overcoming challenge from various projects.

(*1)Project Coordinator is the person with the business-level communication skill in 3 languages: Japanese, English, and Thai who supports between the customers and our Thai engineers to ensure the system development project runs smoothly. There are 15 – 20 project coordinators in C.S.I.