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C.S.I. Group’s Rayong Branch in Thailand (Eastern Seaboard)


Enhance system development and implementation service structure based in Rayong area

C.S.I. Group, the system development company, established the branch in Eastern Seaboard area located in Rayong province in order to more quickly develop the better support system for the companies who expanded their business to the eastern region of Thailand centering on Rayong province.

In Rayong branch, we set up the environment that sales team and engineer team can be resident, provide training when doing system implementation as well as rapidly head to the actual work site that the customer uses the system, when any unexpected trouble occurs.


Overall Map of Thailand Map of Industrial Estate in Eastern Region
Map_Thailand_EN|C.S.I.Group Map_Rayong_EN|C.S.I.Group


>> Click here for details about C.S.I. Group’s head office in Bangkok

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Industrial Estate in Rayong/Chonburi Area


  • Eastern Seaboad I.E.
  • ■ Amata City I.E. Rayong
  • ■ Hemaraj Eastern Seaboad I.E.
  • ■ Hemaraj Rayong I.E.
  • ■ Siam Eastern I.P.
  • ■ Siam Green City I.E.
  • ■ Hemaraj Eastern I.E. Map Ta Phut
  • ■ Map Ta Phut I.E.
  • ■ Asia I.E. Map Ta Phut
  • ■ Padaeng I.E.
  • ■ GK Land I.P.
  • ■ TCCI I.P.
  • ■ etc.


Chon buri
  • ■ Amata Nakorn I.E.
  • ■ Nongbon Garden I.Z.
  • ■ Pingthong I.E. 1
  • ■ Pingthong I.E. 2
  • ■ Pingthong I.E. 3
  • ■ Pingthong I.E. 4
  • ■ Pingthong I.E. 5
  • ■ Laem Chabang I.E.
  • ■ Saha Group I.P.
  • ■ Rojana I.P. Leam Chabang
  • ■ Rojana I.P. Chonburi - Bowin
  • ■ Hemaraj Chonburi I.E.
  • ■ Hemaraj Chonburi I.E. 2
  • ■ etc.


★ C.S.I. Rayong office has been set up in Eastern Seaboard I.E.

  (We can visit other areas also, please feel free to contact us first.)

Overview of C.S.I. Group’s Rayong Branch


Rayong Branch Address

330/6 Moo 4, Pluakdaeng, Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140, Thailand

(Locate close to ESIE Plaza 1)


Inquiry about Rayong Branch

Telephone No : 02-231-3851-7 / 02-266-2767 (Japanese only)
(First please make inquiries to the main telephone number of head office in Bangkok.)

Or Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page.