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PSI Visualizer : Inventory Visualization System

PSI Visualizer will support solving the problems related to inventory

Overview of PSI Visualizer

PSI Visualizer is the system to “Visualize”the inventory status, and be able to “Visualize inventory”, “Early detect troublesome inventory”, and “Visualize the progress of inventory reduction”. It has strong points such as graphical display of inventory status based on your current using inventory management report (Excel, etc.).

Main Features

  • Visualize inventory of regular items including new items
  • Understand gap between plan and result at a glance
  • Drill down from the top category to product
  • Easy to filter by criteria such as number of inventory days, etc.

PSI Visualizer will solve these problems!

Cannot effectively find the troublesome inventory!

Support visual judgment by displaying in graph list and setting alert.

Cannot promptly respond to demand fluctuation because information hasn’t been shared between departments!

Be able to make a quick crossing organizational judgment by sharing the real-time information of plan and actual result of production/sales/inventory.

Picking out cautious items from inventory data relies on the experienced workers!

Support work standardization/standard value setting by using index value, auxiliary line display, etc.

Cannot manage inventory of each item by status (by location, by expiry date)!

Be able to understand movement situation and total inventory quantity by status.

Implementation Example

  • Monitor inventory in the manufacturing industry of consumer products, and monitor sales demand of new products.
  • Set proper inventory standard in the manufacturing industry of chemical products.
  • Monitor balance of east and west warehouse in the manufacturing industry of consumer products.
  • Monitor demand and inventory in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry by liquid solution type/packing type.

Benefits of Implementation

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Hitachi Solutions East Japan, Ltd. is the developer of SynCAS PSI Visualiser.
Please refer to the website for more details about this product.

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