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rubix : Warehouse Management System

rubix is the solution for warehouse management business which has been developed uniquely by C.S.I.

What is rubix?

“rubix”is the warehouse management solution developed in the unique framework of C.S.I.

We newly developed this solution by using the knowledge of Warehouse Management System that we have gained through the development experiences for various customers up to now.

In addition to the implementation based on the standard template, this solution can also be customized to support the business of each customer and support interface development to link with peripheral systems.

3 Features of rubix

Automate work instruction

We design system to provide warehouse operation support based on the viewpoint of the operators on the site in order to give staffs specific and accurate work instructions. For example, system to suggest storage location and system to suggest product picking.

Visualize warehouse

We provide the visual screen which is easy to understand location information such as empty shelf or goods storage place, etc.

Understand real-time stock

Be able to make inquiries for real-time situation of stock from various point of view based on the information inputted onsite via wireless equipment (Handheld).

Main Function of rubix

With rubix standard function, it can cover various operations in warehouse.


  • Register the receiving schedule (Excel can be imported)
  • Display the receiving schedule
  • Register the receiving results

Put-Away & Stored

  • Goods label printing
  • Storing instruction to empty shelf
  • Storing result registration

Inventory Control

  • Real-time stock inquiry/receiving history inquiry
  • Stock transfer/adjustment
  • A lot of standard report for various operation (27 reports)


  • Picking list printing
  • Picking display
  • Picking result registration


  • Shipping plan registration
  • Stock reservation
  • Shipping label printing
  • Shipping result registration

Example achievement of implementation/support

Japanese Company-A (Logistics/Rayong)

Go-Live :2012/09

Implementation Overview:
Implement system instead of Excel operation (* Previous Version)

Improve point / Efficiency:
Real time sharing owner inventory.

Japanese Company-B (Trading /Thailand)

Go-Live :2013/10

Implementation Overview:
Implement system linked to ERP (* Previous Version)

Improve point / Efficiency:
Interface with ERP seamlessly.

Japanese Company-C (Manufacturing/Chonburi)

Go-Live :2015/02

Implementation Overview:
Implement system for controlling RM and FG item in multiple factory

Improve point / Efficiency:
Implementation period is 1.5 Month only.

Japanese Company-D (Manufacturing/Chonburi)

Go-Live :2015/04

Implementation Overview:
Implement system for export trade by using new warehouse

Improve point / Efficiency:
Cost reduction by Own export trading

Japanese Company-E (Trading /Jakarta)

Go-Live :2015/07

Implementation Overview:
Implement system linked to SAP B1 ERP for new Jakarta branch

Improve point / Efficiency:
Smoothly implementation for New oversea branch.

Japanese Company-F (Trading/Thailand)

Go-Live :2015/08

Implementation Overview:
Apply the Jakarta’s system (Linked to SAP B1 ERP) to Thailand branch

Improve point / Efficiency:
Supports multiple items (Adapt 200,000 items.)

Thai Company-A (Manufacturing/Pathum Thani)

Go-Live :2016/02

Implementation Overview:
Implement system for controlling RM, WIP and FG item in multiple factory and link to ERP.

Improve point / Efficiency:
Succeeded 1st implementation to Thai company with RUBIX.

Japanese Company-G (Manufacturing/China)

Go-Live :2016/03

Implementation Overview:

  • Manage for Hazardous Material
  • Customization for Kanban operation
  • Interface with Backyard system

Improve point / Efficiency:
Customer has planed global roll out based on this system.

Japanese Company-H (Manufacturing/Ayutthaya)

Go-Live :2016/08

Implementation Overview:

  • Implementation for magnet parts receiving, Inventory and issue production.
  • Interface with AS/400.

Improve point / Efficiency:
Improve work efficiency, Increased Inventory data accuracy by Handheld.

Japanese Company-I (Manufacturing/Pathum Thani)

Go-Live :2017/04

Implementation Overview:

  • Replenishment & Kanban supported
  • Interface with SAP R2 by real-time.

Improve point / Efficiency:
Fully interface & real-time synchronous with SAP R2

Japanese Company-J (Manufacturing/Bangple)

Go-Live :2018/01

Implementation Overview:

  • Production tracing.
  • Interface with SAP by file.

Improve point / Efficiency:
Get PO/DO plan from SAP & add-on tracing in production program.

In addition, we have many achievement results focusing on customers. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Implementation Example

Pigeon Industry (Thailand)

The development result of warehouse management system “rubix” implemented for Pigeon Industry (Thailand) has been posted.

  1. Customer Profile
  2. Work operations and problems before implementing warehouse management system
  3. Why choose Rubix?
  4. Changes after system implementation
  5. About service of C.S.I. and rubix
  6. Message from C.S.I. Management

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