rubix: Warehouse Management System

rubix is the solution for warehouse management business which has been developed uniquely by C.S.I.

What is rubix?


“rubix”is the warehouse management solution developed in the unique framework of C.S.I.

We newly developed this solution by using the knowledge of Warehouse Management System that we have gained through the development experiences for various customers up to now.

In addition to the implementation based on the standard template, this solution can also be customized to support the business of each customer and support interface development to link with peripheral systems.


3 Features of rubix


(1)Automate work instruction

We design system to provide warehouse operation support based on the viewpoint of the operators on the site in order to give staffs specific and accurate work instructions. For example, system to suggest storage location and system to suggest product picking.

【rubix: Warehouse Management System】Flow.png


(2)Visualize warehouse

We provide the visual screen which is easy to understand location information such as empty shelf or goods storage place, etc.

【rubix: Warehouse Management System】Visualize warehouse.png


(3)Understand real-time stock

Be able to make inquiries for real-time situation of stock from various point of view based on the information inputted onsite via wireless equipment (Handheld).

【rubix: Warehouse Management System】Understand real-time stock.png


Main Function of rubix


With rubix standard function, it can cover various operations in warehouse.

【rubix: Warehouse Management System】Function List.png



Implementation Example

The development result of warehouse management system “rubix” implemented for Pigeon Industry (Thailand) has been posted.

Implementation example - Warehouse Management System rubix | C.S.I. Group
Warehouse Management System “rubix” - Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

[Implementation example] Improvement of accuracy and operation process of inventory system by “Rubix” warehouse management system



Customer Profile


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2. Why choose Rubix?

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