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「RPA」realizing business process & task automation by robot supports work efficiency improvement in Thailand

RPA : Business Process & Task Automation Solution|C.S.I Group

What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) represents an IT robot for white-collar work that combines technologies such as rule engine, image recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve work efficiency and job automation. By implementing RPA, the IT robot will operate the computer for business processes & tasks on behalf of humans.

RPA, which is the most advanced IT technology, has been expected and introduced as a tool to realize "working way reform" and "office work improvement" in Japan. The main outcome of implementing RPA is "Reduce the number of regularly repetitive tasks". This is a solution for a new era where we are expecting the outcome from using application, even in Thailand where "Human-wave tactics" is frequently performed.

Business Automation Realized by RPA

What can we do with RPA ?


  • ・Input or copy & paste data to the existing systems, Excel, etc.
  • ・Analyze, check and calculate data
  • ・Data extraction/processing from multiple files, automatic distribution of results
  • ・Organize the daily/exchange-between-departments report files into the predetermined folder
  • ・Automatic linkage among multiple systems, etc.

Usage Model in Thailand 1 - Accounting ~ Utilization in AS/400・Excel・SAP ~


Usage Model in Thailand 2 - Manufacturing ~ Utilization in Application・Excel・Printer ~


Operation Image of「Office Robot」RPA tool


Outcome of Implementing RPA Specialized for Thailand

Target business tasks which can be improved by implementing RPA


【タイ・システム】提案アイコン Task with a lot of working time

・Many persons check the same data over and over again
 ⇒ If RPA, automatically check and complete immediately

・Print on paper and check data visually
 ⇒ If RPA, check paperlessly and accurately


【タイ・システム】提案アイコン Task with many repetitions

・Create report on a regular basis (daily, weekly)
 ⇒ If RPA, automatically create based on a prescribed format

・Double input to multiple systems or files
 ⇒ If RPA, automatically input/posting without mistake

Benefits of Implementing RPA in Thailand


~ Business Improvement in 3 areas ~

■ Improve business by raising accuracy of work contents
 ・Reduce errors from human factors by business automation
 ・Automatically execute the periodic tasks to eliminate the leakage of work

■ Improve business by securing resources of excellent staff
 ・Reduce the burden on the work of excellent staff, he/she can focus on the necessary work with more productivity
 ・Increase motivation by reducing the simple work & Lower retirement rate

■ Improve business by eliminating waste
 ・Review the waste of current operation flow in order to implementing efficient RPA
 ・Reduce cost by improving work efficiency with shortening the waste of working time
 ・Reduce the waste of printing on paper with paperless operation

About「Office Robot」RPA tool

Features of「Office Robot」

【タイ・システム】業務自動化ソリューション-RPA_Office Robot_ロゴ

「Office Robot (Japanese name: WinActor) 」that realizes improvement in office work is a purely Made-in-JAPAN RPA solution developed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation based on the technology of NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories.


Support Structure for Implementing「Office Robot」in Thailand


With closely support structure combining the professional Developer・Implementation Support Consultant・System Implementation Support, we are strongly supporting the implementation of「Office Robot」RPA tool in Thailand as well as providing the business improvement service for your company.

About Developer : NTT DATA (Thailand)


NTT DATA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


We will back up the implementation of RPA in Thailand as a local affiliate of NTT DATA Group, the developer of「Office Robot」RPA tool.

point.png Office Location:
 6th Fl., Column Tower, 199 Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

point.png Corporate Website http://th.nttdata.com/

About Implementation Support Consultant:QUNIE CORPORATION




QUNIE CORPORATION is a business consulting company of the NTT DATA Group. As a partner of customer, we challenge in various business reforms and provide a wide range of solutions by our professionals with advanced expertise and comprehensive experience in order to support the realization of customer's business reform on a global basis. We provide the consulting services for the realization of business process reform to maximize the outcome of「Office Robot」implementation.

point.png Head Office:
 AKASAKA K-TOWER 8F, 1-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051, Japan

point.png Consulting Business Unit in Bangkok:
 G Tower 32nd Floor, 9 Rama 9 Road Huaykwang, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310

point.png Corporate Website http://www.qunie.com/

Benefits of Implementing RPA by System Development Company C.S.I.


【タイ・システム】提案アイコン Smooth Support Structure

Not only setting up a help desk service in Thailand domestically, but we can also provide the long-term support to consistently manage the business operation scenario in case there is a change of business operation flow in the future.

【タイ・システム】提案アイコン Abundant Achievements & Extensive Experience in System Development・Implementation

As we are IT company specializing in system development and implementation in Thailand, we have many know-how which is necessary for implementing RPA, such as "What is better for improving business efficiency?", etc.

【タイ・システム】提案アイコン Support in Japanese・English・Thai

We can provide implementation/maintenance service based on smooth information sharing and communication in Japanese・English・Thai language for supporting both Japanese management and Thai staffs who actually use the tools on a daily basis, so you can use RPA smoothly and reliably.

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