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IT system operations management software “JP1” provides an integrated support for system operation automation, IT asset management, etc.

“JP1”: A system operations management software which is easy to implement even in Thailand

JP1_point.png Implementation by all-in-one package

No additional cost will be added with the addition of optional function.
It can be implemented with an easy-to-understand fee structure.

JP1_point.png User-friendly screen design for beginner

It can smoothly start practical use after implementation without any complicated operation.

JP1_point.png Multi-language (Multilingual) support

Support in Japanese, English and Chinese is included as standard.

* In C.S.I., we provide operational support and explanation of how to use in Thai for Thai staffs who have practical use of this software, and take good care of all concerns and questions after implementation.

3 areas provided by JP1

【Thai*System Operations Management Solution JP1】3 areas provided by JP1

1. Compliance
2. Automation
3. Monitoring

JP1 is an integrated system operations management solution consisting of these 3 areas which can be implemented step-by-step partially for each necessary area


【Thai*System Operations Management Solution JP1】Compliance ~ “Protect” your assets

JP1-check Integrated management of IT assets
  • (1)Understand situation of IT assets
  • (2)Comply with Thai law “Computer Crime Act (CCA)”
  • (3)Remote maintenance


JP1-check Security management
  • (1)Monitor and remove unauthorized PC
  • (2)Record and track each operation type of client PC


>> For more details of JP1 ~ Compliance, please click.

【Thai*System Operations Management Solution JP1】Automation ~ “Put” your entire system to “Work”

jp1-check IT staff automation
  • (1)Automate system working operation


jp1-check Job management
  • (1)Clearly define job task and operation flow
  • (2)Execute and monitor task schedule defined in advance according to the calendar


【Thai*System Operations Management Solution JP1】Monitoring ~ “Eliminate” downtime of your system

jp1-check System operation monitoring
  • (1)Intensively monitor whether the overall system is running without any problem
  • (2)Collect running performance information of system application
  • (3)Perform visual mapping management for the entire network


jp1-check Error detection and response
  • (1)Set automatic notification to administrators in case of trouble
  • (2)Unify management of issues such as inquiries and troubles, etc.


Why do we recommend implementing JP1 by C.S.I.?

【Thai System development】C.S.I.Group

C.S.I. group, we are a Japanese system development company with over 27 years of experiences and achievements in Thailand which is an official partner company to support selling/implementation of JP1 in Thailand.

We are well-versed in actual system operation and IT environment in Thailand, so we get favorable comments from a lot of customers for our feasible and solid support system.

Since we became a partner company of JP1 in 2010, we still conduct regular meetings with Hitachi group, the product developer every month, and continue to provide reliable support for customers.


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About Inquiries

Any questions or inquiries about the integrated system operations management “JP1” or information security system operations management, please feel free to contact via inquiry page.