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The integrated system operations management solution “JP1” supports the resolution of burdensome information security and compliance policy in Thailand.

What is the problem of system operation in Thailand and Southeast Asia?

【Thai*JP1-Compliance】problem in Thailand


JP1-Caution Pirated software usage

Unconsciously used pirated software without knowing that it is not a genuine product.
Unexpectedly, software and PC don’t work because of pirated software!?

JP1-Caution Non-work-related software is installed without permission

Employees did non-work-related things during working time!

JP1-Caution Open access to internal information

Continue having a risk of information leakage and unauthorized access...

JP1-Caution Compliance with “Computer Crime Act: CCA”

The company is also held responsible for “Computer Crime Act: CCA” in Thai law.
It cannot be swept aside by saying “I didn’t know”.

JP1-Caution Absence of IT compliance and person in charge

It is hard to see that the existing system or PC is being used by who, when, for what and how to manage...


What “JP1” can do for protecting important IT assets

1. IT asset integrated management

(1) Understand the current situation of IT assets ⇒ Maintain and improve security level

【Thai*JP1-Compliance】Maintain and improve security level

 It can consolidate the management of software information and hardware information (memory space, free space of hard disk, etc.) of PC being used by each users in the company.

 Accordingly, it can check/remove illegal pirated software and non-work-related software, manage/maintain the required security level more easily than ever before, and lead to the improvement of security level.


(2) Measures against “Computer Crime Act: CCA” in Thai law ⇒ Keep log according to law

【Thai*JP1-Compliance】Keep log according to law

 ”Computer Crime Act: CCA” is the law that the company has to be held liable for the act of employees in case an employee used the company’s network to commit a crime (including lese-majesty).

 Japanese companies in Thailand also have an obligation to keep communication record (log) for at least 90 days.

 We are using JP1 to record and keep log to support in compliance with Thai law.


(3) Remote maintenance ⇒ Speedy response to inquiries and problems in a remote location

【Thai*JP1-Compliance】Remote maintenance

 It can perform remote operation to server and PC being used by each user.

 For the company with several production bases, it can broaden the possibility to check and solve the cause of failure without a direct on-site visit when any problem of PC or server occurred, and got to be able to more quickly and easily support on-site inquiries than ever before.


2. Security management

(1) Monitor and remove the unauthorized PC ⇒ Avoid security risk due to one’s own personal PC

【Thai*JP1-Compliance】Monitor and remove the unauthorized PC

 Monitor and remove the internal network connection from unauthorized PC.

 It can avoid security risks such as virus infection, taking out of information from one’s own personal PC, and can manage how to handle confidential information.

 For the use of external media (such as USB, CD-R), it also can enable operation to limit the use of only specific devices provided by the company.


(2) Record and track each operation type of client PC ⇒ Deter unauthorized operation and non-work-related usage.

【Thai・JP1-Compliance】Record and track each operation type of client PC

 It can get file operation and printing log by JP1.

 Not only recording file movement and deletion, but it also can track connection information of external media (such as USB, CD-R), data transfer to outside the organization.
 In case of information leakage, it is effective in deterring unauthorized operation of user by not only investigating the cause, but also building the regular surveillance system.

 It can monitor and control the non-work-related usage commonly in Thailand such as the access or viewing of non-work-related website.


JP1 ~ Compliance's strengths

3 areas provided by JP1


1. Compliance

2. Automation

3. Monitoring


JP1 is an integrated system operations management solution consisting of these 3 areas which can be implemented step-by-step partially for each necessary area.


General information of “JP1”

>> Please click here for more general information about JP1

“JP1”: A system operations management software which is easy to implement even in Thailand

JP1-point Implementation by all-in-one package

No additional cost will be added with the addition of optional function.
It can be implemented with an easy-to-understand fee structure.

JP1-point User-friendly screen design for beginner

It can smoothly start practical use after implementation without any complicated operation.

JP1-point Multi-language (Multilingual) support

Support in Japanese, English and Chinese is included as standard.

* In C.S.I., we provide operational support and explanation of how to use in Thai for Thai staffs who have practical use of this software, and take good care of all concerns and questions after implementation.

Why do we recommend implementing JP1 by C.S.I.?


C.S.I. group, we are a Japanese system development company with over 27 years of experiences and achievements in Thailand which is an official partner company to support selling/implementation of JP1 in Thailand.

We are well-versed in actual system operation and IT environment in Thailand, so we get favorable comments from a lot of customers for our feasible and solid support system.

Since we became a partner company of JP1 in 2010, we still conduct regular meetings with Hitachi group, the product developer every month, and continue to provide reliable support for customers.

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