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Make it come true by IoT implementation in Thailand

 While ASEAN comes under the spotlight as an alternative base of global business instead of China, the visualization of summary result or operational status of manufacturing equipment and IoT transformation in traceability, fool-proofing become imperative. Moreover, one of the goal to achieve “Thailand 4.0” which is raised as a 20-year long-term vision in Thailand is to improve productivity by digital technology.

 In Japan, there is increasing movement to proceed with IoT implementation in order to get “IATF 16949 (International standards for quality management system focused on the automotive industry)” and enhance the competitiveness, it is said that such tendency is also certainly coming along in Thailand and ASEAN.


Is it about time to start thinking manufacturing IoT in Thailand?


[ Contents ]

  1. 1. How about starting manufacturing IoT in Thailand?
  2. 2. What can we achieve by implementing manufacturing IoT?
  3. 3. What to know first before implementing manufacturing IoT
  4. 4. Example achievement of implementation/support by CSI
  5. 5. Seminar about IoT implementation for manufacturing industry
  6. 6. About Inquiries


What can we achieve by implementing manufacturing IoT?



タイでの製造IoT_Actual result collection・Traceability


point Traceability (Production trace)

It needs to create the system to track a history of the product like when, where, how the product was manufactured by what material, and to find the cause rapidly and accurately when a product recall occurred due to any quality problem.




point Understand the situation in real time (Monitoring)

It will not only be a benefit to a manager, but it also enhance the awareness of on-site operators about production plan/result by processing the real-time production status and result into an easy-to-understand format to display.

point Understand operation result

It can calculate more accurate manufacturing cost to improve utilization rate and production rate by correctly understanding and analyzing the operation result of device. Moreover, it also can support lean manufacturing plan and special grade item by knowing the operational status of multiple locations.

point Early detection, solution and andon for malfunction (alert display)

Pick up alert information from the device, then early detect and solve problem by automatically transferring to next process, communicating to on-site operators/manager in abnormal case.


タイでの製造IoT_Smart Factory・Work automation


point Big data analysis and data cleansing

Analyze a low-quality manufacturing line, a low-performance work process based on the collected big data, and lead to quality improvement and overall process improvement. Moreover, in the collected data, it is more likely to be mixed between error and duplicated data.

Therefore, it is necessary to revise such unwanted data to be more accurate information by “data cleansing (data maintenance)”.

point Manufacturing AI (Work automation/Automatic control)

Utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) from the process of “Collect information from the device” to “Provide the device with information”.

We are doing the comprehensive optimization from both factory and management aspect as a leading factory which achieved “Industry 4.0”.


What to know first before implementing manufacturing IoT


>> What you should know first when considering the implementation of manufacturing IoT

[ Contents ]

  1.  1. Voice of Concern
  2.  2. Companies appearing in manufacturing IoT implementation and roles
  3.  3. Flow until Start of Manufacturing IoT implementation


Example achievement of implementation/support by CSI:

CustomerBusiness TypeLocationImplementation PeriodImplementation Contents
Japanese company A Energy business Bangkok Feb 2017 Monitoring
Japanese company B Motorcycle manufacturing Chonburi Nov 2016 Monitoring
Japanese company C Motorcycle manufacturing Prachinburi Feb 2016 Traceability,
Japanese company D Automotive parts manufacturing Samut Prakan Dec 2015 Traceability,
Japanese company E Automotive parts manufacturing Bangkok Jan 2014 Traceability,

In addition, we have many achievement results focusing on customers in the manufacturing industry. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Seminar about IoT implementation for manufacturing industry


>> An approach to IoT Solution Implementation in Thailand

C.S.I. held the seminar about manufacturing IoT implementation in Rayong for Japanese manufacturers who expanded their business into Thailand.
For any request about seminar opening or next schedule of seminar, please feel free to contact us.


About Inquiries

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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