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Factory-ONE : Production Control System

Factory-One which has successfully been implemented over 1,600 sites in Japan has been released for ASEAN.

“Factory-ONE” which has successfully been implemented over 1,400 sites in Japan finally landed in ASEAN.

”GL R1.0” has been newly released as the overseas version.

By these “GL R1.0”, we would like provide the production control system as the solution which is “Easy to use”, “Easy to understand”, and “Available at cheaper price”.

Features of Factory-ONE GL R1.0

What is Factory-ONE GL R1.0?

Factory-ONE GL R1.0 is the overseas supporting system of Factory-ONE born to fulfill the requests such as “We want to implement the high-quality production control system as same as domestic system” of SMEs and mid-sized enterprises who expanded their business into overseas.

It provide the slip required for overseas business such as INVOICE in the standard feature, and it can narrow down the functions when comparing with the system for Japan, so it can provide at reasonable price.

Regarding the service for purchase, installation, and operation support in Thailand, you can use it at ease in the same way as the implementation in Japan.

Provide the necessary functions and reports

For the manufacturing customers in Thailand,

  • Support free zone, BOI/IPO management in Thailand
  • Support interface with accounting software (Sage ERP, swifT, etc.)
  • Issue Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Delivery Note, etc. according to the business custom in Thailand.
  • Support purchasing from several suppliers (Multi Supplier)
  • Support display in multi-language (Japanese, English, Thai, etc.)

We provide the necessary functions and reports as the above based on our abundant achievement. (Sometimes we provide some service as an option)

Implementation Effects and Product Features

Solve 3 management issues for factory management

We provide a strong and powerful tools, to solve 3 management issues which are necessary for factory management.

  1. Shorten lead time for decision-making with timely grasp of management information
  2. Improve management level by centralizing and sharing information
  3. Standardize internal operations and do not leave operations up to specific individuals

System Overview

Sales Order and Shipping

Manage planned order (MtO MO: Make-to-Order Manufacturing Order) according to sales order information and sales order status. It can do available stock and physical stock management, delivery arrangement, confirmation of due date change history, due date delay warning, etc. following order balance management, stock allocation and deduction. Also it can import confirmed sales order which is sent from the customer by EDI to MtO MO. Shipping process can be processed by linking with sales order information. (Also be able to support shipping which doesn’t follow sales order)

Production Planning

Support standard production planning for whole factory. It can automatically create production plan from product stock data (available for manual registration). With Production Planning, it can adjust quantity and due date in the calendar while checking stock trend. It is effective in case there are many repeated orders of the same product in a small lot. Moreover, it can import forecast information sent from the customer via EDI, and reflect in production plan.

MRP Results – MRP

Run MRP result (MRP process) based on the created standard production plan. It will “summarize”, “lump together” net requirements which deducted stock allocation from gross requirements of each level based on item structure master (hierarchical BOM) to create purchase order plan data. Moreover, process arrangement (production order) will be executed in parallel with material arrangement (purchase), and it also calculates purchase date (start date) and due date (end date) based on standard schedule of process (lead time) and purchase lead time. MRP can calculate repeatedly until confirmation process is done, so it can be used to simulate material purchasing plan or work load plan.

Progress Management

It can make inquiries by comparing between work order and work result in Gantt chart.

Load Adjustment

It calculates load ratio by daily comparing capacity by process/by machine (normal man-hour + adjusted man-hour) with loading man-hour calculated by simply piling up from standard man-hour in basic information (setup man-hour and working man-hour) and order balance. In this screen, it can not only display color by level of load ratio, but also compare between capacity and loading man-hour and display in graph.


Material cost, processing cost, subcontract and purchase cost, and indirect cost will be summarized as actual cost by MO (manufacturing order) in real time to compare with estimation amount and arrangement amount (estimation cost/working budget). Regarding the display format, we provide to display data in graph form (be able to drill down to detail), table form and detail form.

Lot Trace

Lot traceability is available by registering lot number for each input (receiving, working result, request result, shipping). Traceability information is displayed in tree structure, so it can support both BOM explosion (from product to material) and implosion (from material to product).

Product Series

We provide MRP version, manufacturing order management version, hybrid version, and sales management base software.

After implementing sales management base software, it also can step up the implementation such as additionally implementing production control system in response to the growth of customer’s business.

MRP Version

Forecast/Make to order production

Suitable Manufacturing Type :
Mass production/Repeated (make to order/forecast)
production (support lot production)

Manufacturing Order Management Version

Make to individual order

Suitable Manufacturing Type :
Make to individual order and make to order for semi-standard product

Hybrid Version

Mixing between MRP and MO (manufacturing order) management

Suitable Manufacturing Type :
Mixing between make to individual order and mass production

Sales Management Base

Customer-centered step-by-step implementation

Suitable Manufacturing Type :
Sales management (be able to add MRP, manufacturing order arrangement based on arrangement management)

The following functions are provided as options.

  • Die/Mold Management Function
  • Quality Control Function
  • Handy Terminal Interface
  • Web Tablet Interface

TOPICS – Announcement

Factory-ONE has been certified by Tokyo SME Support Center

Factory-ONE has been certified by Tokyo SME Support Center (a public interest incorporated foundation) as “one of hands-on supporting products relating to the global marketing development operations” on April 13, 2016.

The assessment for sales and actual implementation in Thailand by C.S.I. Group since 2015 is the decisive factor for this selection.

Currently, it has been introduced as a software recommended by Tokyo SME Support Center for small and medium-sized companies with a focus on manufacturers expanding into Thailand.

Click here for more details

【Solution】Factory-ONE GL has been certified by Tokyo SME Support Center as a hands-on product relating to the global marketing development operations

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“Factory-ONE” is a product developed by EX Corporation.

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