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Development and technical support for AS/400 delivered by experienced staff team based in Thailand

Do you struggle with shortage of AS/400 engineers?

AS/400 Development and Technical Support|C.S.I.Group

AS/400 is still running without replacement as the core system with the fastness and high stability of security.

On the other hand, there are a lot of companies facing the problems of dwindling number of AS/400 engineers.

In C.S.I. group, we have an abundance of rare AS/400 engineers providing the support service tailored to customer’s needs such as technical support for the existing system or development using AS/400, not only in Thailand but also in many countries in the world.

AS/400 team’s forte in C.S.I. Group

point The abundance of engineers more than 30 persons

Currently (as of March 2018), we have 34 engineers (programmer and system analyst) who are excelling at AS/400.

point Support a wide range of development language

We can support a variety of AS/400 development language such as RPG, RPG3, RPG4, RPGLE, CL, CLLE, SQLRPG, SQLRPGLE, AFPDS Report etc.

point Achievement in Thailand and overseas

We are accumulating experience on performance for years in both domestic and overseas such as a long-term resident support in ASEAN and Hong Kong.
(For more details, please refer to “Development achievement by AS/400” described later)

Scope of support by AS/400 team

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Scope of support|C.S.I.Group

1. Application Development

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Application Development|C.S.I.Group

check-c01.png New development or program modification by using AS/400

We support not only the development for new solution using AS/400, but also the modification of the existing system.


check-c01.png Satellite development from Japan and abroad

We substantially support global operation from Thailand through CSI’s subsidiary in Japan (CSI-JS) or “Coordinator” who is skilled at interaction in Japanese, English and Thai. We also can support local AS/400 engineers in Japan, ASEAN, etc.

Since 1991, established in Thailand, we gain achievement and experience as a system company for Japanese business, so we have potential, strong technical capability and support capability.

2. Outsourcing Service

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Outsourcing Service|C.S.I.Group

check-c03.png On-site support

We provide the necessary support by directly visiting the actual site (environment) that AS/400 system exists.


check-c03.png Remote environment support

We can support by remote connection to distant area in Thailand and abroad.


check-c03.png Provide resident/semi-resident resources in Japan and abroad

Human resources provision for Japan will be supported by CSI’s subsidiary in Japan (CSI-JS). For other overseas customers, we provide human resources who can communicate fluently in English.

3. Consolidated Operation Support for AS/400 System

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Consolidated Operation Support|C.S.I.Group

check-c05.png Establish a single contact point for operation support

C.S.I. established a single contact point for supporting AS/400 system based in ASEAN to perform operation and helpdesk support, including operational support for smooth technical communication with Japan information system department.
(Available in Japanese, English and Thai)

4. Training Service

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Training Service|C.S.I.Group

check-c08.png Training for IT staff

We provide training about AS/400 in Thai or English for IT staffs in the customer’s company. The contents of training course can be freely created according to the needs and level of each customer.


Development achievement by AS/400

Business TypeSystem Outline

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Financial|C.S.I.Group

  • ・Hire Purchase
  • ・Credit Card
  • ・Personal Loan

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Manufacturing|C.S.I.Group

  • ・Production Planning
  • ・Inventory Control
  • ・Interface File to Robot
  • ・Interface File for SAP & HULFT Interface AS400(Accounting data) to SAP(Global Standardization)
  • ・Free Zone System
  • ・Custom Clearance
  • ・Excise Tax Air Inventory
  • ・Export Order
  • ・Logistics Control
  • ・ERP
  • ・EDI Data Interface to Banking

【AS/400 Development and Technical Support】Insurance|C.S.I.Group

  • ・Sale Commission
  • ・Cheque Printing System
  • ・Pre-Voucher System
  • ・Agent Commission System
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