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System Development

C.S.I provides “System Development & Installation Services” that is best suited for our customer’s environment. Besides offering the tailor-made system development service that meets each customer’s special needs, we also offer installation support service for various “Package Software” such as ERP, production control system, accounting system, etc.

Enterprise System

image_Enterprise System

We provide our customers with “System Development & Installation Services” that is suitable for various business types such as manufacturing and logistics. Besides developing the tailor-made system as the customer’s unique system, we also offer system construction service in AS400.



【Thai Software Development】AS/400 Development and Technical Support|C.S.I. Group

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Finance and Accounting System


Our company supports deploying the Financial and Accounting system in the line with Thailand Accounting Standards. During the deployment, we respond all customer’s needs as adjusting the form’s layout (Invoice, Tax Invoice, Withholding Tax report, VAT report, etc.)

Warehouse Management System (WMS) "rubix"


In years of experience in logistics and warehouse business, we have successfully developed warehouse management system, which adapting cutting-edge technology. It is named “rubix”.

This warehouse management system allows to step up business to higher level and winning profit from business competitors by visualizing accuracy and efficiency in warehouse operations.


For more information please visit to

>> rubix: Warehouse Management System

>> http://www.rubixwms.com/


Other System Development


In order to meet our customer’s requirements, we are able to provide system development and services suitable for each business type.

Production Scheduling System “Asprova”


Top Market share companies in Japan and over 1,800 sites around the world are using Asprova, the advanced production scheduling system.

This system provide a high precision performance of creating production schedule which considering the machinery constraints and work loads. It also help reducing the production lead time and inventory to improve the delivery scheduling.


Find more information at Asprova Website as below;

>> Asprova: Production Scheduler

>> [Implementation example] Strengthen Production Planning work by Advanced Planning System

>> http://www.asprova.jp/


IT Security Network

Network / Security Solution


CSI Groups is the official partner of AWS (Amazon Web Service).



We offer installation & construction service for “Network”, “Server” to improve the customer’s IT environment. In addition, we provide various services such as management of software license, data backup, anti-virus, etc.




Outsourcing Service

Development Supporting Service


We provide outsourcing service by sending our engineers to work at the customer’s IT department and support the required system development. This system support service helps the customers to ease their problems and difficulties in “Recruitment” and “Personnel training”.

Operation and Monitoring Supporting Service


We provide one-stop support service for our customers about the use of “Software”, “Hardware” and “Network”. Moreover, we also support system restoration when any trouble occurred, including maintenance and operation of multivendor system.

Coordination Services

Coordination Services


We provide professional coordination services from our experienced staff who has more than 10 years experience in project development under multi-cultural working environment and khow-how in various business fields.

We can converse excellently in 3 languages (TH-EN-JP). Our staffs understand the Japanese working culture as well as local cultures so that we can deliver the better and smoother result.