[Implementation example] Strengthen Production Planning work by Advanced Planning System

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4. Merit gained after System implementation

5. Next expectation

- Linking to SAP -

 At M company, there is a schedule to implement ERP package named [SAP]. The schedule is to start go-live of Asprova with linking to SAP on June 2018. Toward linking to SAP, Asprova training will be started again from January 2018. For that task, CSI have already discussed about requests toward current usage of Asprova.


- Next expectation toward Asprova -

 Current Gantt Chart is hard to see because of too many numbers and letters on it. Then, though the displayed information could be decreased, but it is still hard to explain detail to manager. For example, if it is able to show such as how much percent of the rest and how long until reaching due date, it would be usable as report for manager and it is preferred. Also, progress information is also preferred. About this scope, the user want to consult with CSI later.

 Beside, it would be good if multiple staffs are able to use. Currently, staffs are able to use Asprova by only 1 PC. If able to work without limiting number of staffs, such as 1 staff for drafting schedule and 1~2 staffs for checking at the same time, it would be more convenient. And, if authorized staff is able to see Asprova screen instantly, it would be able to show Gantt Chart to other staffs, and the user think they could expect better effectiveness.


Asprova Implementation example | Production Scheduling System - M社様.JPG

6. Comment from responsible person of CSI


 Although said humbly [It depends on management level’s decision], but still evaluated positively by saying [Personally, we still want to continue using Asprova].

 Beside, commented about CSI that [Managed well by corresponding to customer’s demand] and [Supported creating solution for us which adapting to demand as expected at everytime], and we are very glad with these evaluation words. For CSI, it is a great honour to work with customer who accredit us by this kind of thankful evaluation, and also a great honour from the achievement which is from Asprova implementation. For such as linking with SAP and [It would be better to do like this] demand, we will make more effort for more using easiness and more satisfaction.

 In this occasion, we would like to thank sincerely for cooperation in this time’s interview. CSI hope we will continue our good relation from now on.

Production Scheduling System “Asprova”

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 This system provide a high precision performance of creating production schedule which considering the machinery constraints and work loads. It also help reducing the production lead time and inventory to improve the delivery scheduling.


About Asprova, the solution for supporting Production planning, please check below for more detail.
>> Asprova: Production Scheduler

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