[Implementation example] Strengthen Production Planning work by Advanced Planning System

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2. Working and Issues before the system implementation
3. Passing [Trial Period] for considering system implementation

4. Merit gained after System implementation

 Although Asprova implementation decision was based on confirmation that [it is really usable], there was a confirmation during interview about merit gained after implementation.


- Plan Creation Speed -

Asprova Implementation example | Production Scheduling System - 導入後の効果_EN.png

  Plan creation by Excel was taking time about 6 hours. Due to insuffient time, it was possible to make plan only one time per day. In creation period, 4 hours was for plan creation, and it had ever been unfinished even taken 6 hours. Manual adjustment, by 1-by-1 work operation, was unavoidable. And it caused taking very much time.

 Currently, every day is using only Asprova. Using on morning from 8AM and afternoon from 1PM which takes about 2 hours per period. During using Asprova for 2 hours, it is not only operation over Asprova. Based on result issued from Asprova, also considers work result and urgent order for discussion with concerned staffs then adjusts plan detail. In case of Asprova, it is able to issue result suddenly after only importing data. Comparing to Excel, it do not take time for plan creation. In case of Excel, plan creation was only one time per day. But after changed to use Asprova, able to do plan creation 2 times per day. Beside, in every day that the plan is changing continuously, it is able to adjust plan automatically. The users think this is the best merit they have gained from using Asprova.


- Accuracy of created Production Plan -

 When using Excel, the plan had been created manually, and the management was by only [1 hour] unit. At that time, though wanted to change plan just only 30 minutes, it was possible to be changed only 1 hour per step. Beside, high-volume-data management caused high load when managing detailed time. And, for example, in case of having adjustment, there was high possibility to make a mistake.

Asprova Implementation example | Production Scheduling System - 実際の画面_Excel.png

 By Asprova, the result has more accuracy than Excel. After changing to Asprova, it is able to manage deep into [Second] unit. Different from when using Excel, it is able to create detailed plan, and the users are not worried about high-volume-data management. Furthermore, Excel which was created manually ever had duplication of Work assignment over same machine and time, but Asprova will create plan without duplication automatically. And, by Gantt Chart, after plan creation, it is easy to confirm the plan without taking time. Also, with automatic coloring by machine, the user think it is good because of it is easy-to-understand for planner.

Asprova Implementation example | Production Scheduling Syste - 実際の画面_Asprova.png


- Decreasing delayed plan -

  It is good to be able to completely follow the plan, but it will not be like that in reality. Anyway, because of it is quite able to visualise the plan, it looks like able to proceed as planned. If it is able to proceed as schedule, it will affect cost-effectiveness.

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5. Next expectation
6. Comment from responsible person of CSI
7. Q&A


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