[Implementation example] Strengthen Production Planning work by Advanced Planning System

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1. Customer Profile

2. Working and Issues before the system implementation

 A part of this interview was hearing management method and issues before M company implements Asprova.


- Before implementing Asprova, how was management of Production Planning? -

 Before implementing system, the shop floor-responsible Thai staff was creating schedule table by Excel, and using it for management. By Excel, it was difficult to manage large-amount of data, and could not visualize detail deepened into level of minute and second. Beside, not only unable to visualize detailed plan, sometime was unable to gain result as scheduled. Futhermore, it was problem of delayed production . The cause was the date that the work should be done was not realized, and the situation was realized later after it had delayed. And the schedule was being changed continuously every day, so it was hard to assign plan to shop floor for fulfilling maximum capacity.

3. Passing [Trial Period] for considering system implementation

 According to above mentioned detail, included in the method of proposing to M company, it was using Free Trial Version for Training and Trial until final decision for Asprova Implementation.


Asprova Implementation example | Production Scheduling System - Implementation Schedule


(1) Training for experiencing Asprova

・By utilizing Free Trial Version, 5-days Training with charge
・For confirming image of practical operation, Hearing along with Training

(2) Period of Self-training by users’ themselves and trial

・By utilizing Operation Manual made on previous training as a result, Self-training by all users’ themselves
・Repeating self-training until able to use as practical operation, and Q&A by mail for deepening knowledge about Asprova

(3) Practical operation with CSI support

・Through Self-training and Training period, Confirming usage of Asprova for improvement of own work, And purchasing Package License
・With question support and customization support (e.g. changing parameter) from CSI, Starting full practical operation

(4) Self-practical operation

・With CSI support and almost no improvement point, Entering stable go-live
・After entering stable go-live and without CSI support contract, Entering operation by completely only users’ themselves


A part of this interview was hearing such as situation during Trial period and when decided to use Asprova.


- Why did select Asprova? -

 From the begining, during demanding a system implementation for making Production plan, there were various considerations such as other system which was being sold in the market and system which was selling by same-business maker. Anyway; by considering program adaptation for matching with current Excel, document, and data pattern; it seemed to be the best merit by Asprova from CSI.


- How was Training? -

 At the first time, it was as predicted. Because of difference on appearance and operation procedure between Excel and Asprova, the responsible staff could not be accustomed instantly. And, also, it took high load to register many data. There was consulting with CSI for continuous adjustment that brought to be relieving work by step-by-step, and be able to do practical use. When a new system would be implemented, for the users, it is understandable that a period of time for getting used to the system is necessary. But, because of such as data correction and re-training after correction were required, it looked like time of on-site training was shortened. As mentioned cause, the users think the time of training is better to be longer.


- How was 5-months Trial? -

 At the period of Trial, it was not to follow command from Japanese staff, but the responsible staffs who will actually use the system was using Asprova every day by themselves. During the Trial, at the begining, it was parallel operation by both Excel and Asprova. Excel, an accustomed operation, was issued planning result as the usual speed. But, because of Asprova which just started trial was not an accustomed operation, such as data input was difficult, and the created Production Plan was not satisfied as same as expectation and still required manual adjustment. According to mentioned problems, in some day that had high number of orders, it took maximum time about half day until able to issue Planning result.

 Anyway, after ending Trial period, at timing of considering to purchase a license, responsible Thai staffs commented that it is usable. It was not order by top-down from Japanese staff, but to respect convenience of staff who would actually use.

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4. Merit gained after System implementation


About Asprova, the solution for supporting Production planning, please check below for more detail.
>> Asprova: Production Scheduler

“Asprova” is a product developed by Asprova Corporation.
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