C.S.I. exhibited a booth in the JAPAN Pavilion in the government-led digital technology event based on the concept of "Digital Transformation Thailand".

Event Summary

Announcement page
【Event Info】C.S.I. joins the exhibition of “Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017” for 4 days from 21 September 2017 to 24 September 2017.

Event Name:“Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017”

Period:21 September 2017 (Thu) – 24 September 2017 (Sun)

PlaceIMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center

Organizer:DEPA(Digital Economy Promotion Agency)

DEPA(Digital Economy Promotion Agency)
Official Website

Technologies exhibited at C.S.I.’s booth:

  1. Biometric authentication platform by Liquid, Inc.
  2. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Seminar Holding by C.S.I.:

Subject::Thailand 4.0 × Biometric Authentication
Start Date:21 September 2017 (Thu) 15:00 - 16:00
Presentator:Ms. Piriya(CSI)
Guest:Mr. Ishida(Liquid, Inc.)

Result of Event

Overview Information of EventFrom Event Official Facebook

Number of Visitors (General): Over 241,000 people
Number of Visitors (Investor): Over 600 people from more than 40 countries
Number of Mass Media Representatives: Over 700 people (from Thailand and foreign coutries)
Number of Likes on Facebook: 8,194,648

C.S.I.’s Booth Information:

Number of Visitors: Over 400 people
Number of Advanced Seminar Registration: Over 70 people
Number of Business Card Exchanges: Over 70 people
Number of Collected Questionaires: Over 130 people

C.S.I. Introduction Document Distributed in the Event

C.S.I. Group Introduction Document (Eng) [Open with PDF]

Event Atmosphere

◆Picture 1, 2:
Many visitors came to C.S.I.’s booth on the event day.



◆Picture 3:
The Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha visited Japan Pavillion where C.S.I. exhibited the booth.


◆Picture 4, 5:
Dr. Pichet (the Minister of Digital Economy and Society) visited C.S.I.’s booth.



◆Picture 6:
Exhibit(1)Biometric authentication platform of Liquid, Inc.


◆Picture 7:
A group of intereted children at experience corner of biometric authentication


◆Picture 8:
Exhibit(2)Demonstration screen of RPA system was displayed on a large-size monitor.
It is visible to a lot of visitors.


◆Picture 9:
Seminar about biometric authentication presented by C.S.I.
Thank you everyone for joining the seminar.


Greeting from the person in charge, Mr. Otomo

I am honoured to be able to participate in one of the representative exhibitions in Thailand, where the Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha also attended.

Over 26 years since C.S.I.’s establishment, making a contribution to society by spreading meaningful Japanese technology to Thailand based on developed trust with people has always been the primary goal of our company.

I believe that our opputunity in introducing biometric authentication platform of Liquid, Inc., one of representative technologies of Japan, will be a big step for Thai society.

The impact of digital economy development plan which is the main policy of Thailand 4.0. led to many visitors including business persons from the logistics and financial industry in the event I believe that the exhibition of solution by Liquid, Inc. will accelerate the discussion on how the Thai society will become as a result of FinTech.

We, C.S.I., would like to engage and put our best effort in making contribution to the digital development of Thailand in the future.