C.S.I. Group with its head office in Bangkok (Thailand) received an invitation from Asprova Corporation who developed Asprova to attend the award ceremony in Tokyo as a leading business partner supporting implementation of “Asprova”: Product Scheduler.


There are 3 C.S.I.’s staffs (A Japanese engineer who is in charge of Asprova implementation support and maintenance support, a trilingual (Japanese/English/Thai) project coordinator who is skilled in on-site production control flow and Asprova product, and a Japanese sales representative from CSI-JS(CSI’s subsidiary in Japan) attending the award ceremony of “Asprova Business Partner Meeting” held in Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Hall on March 13, 2018.


Moreover, we got the chance to give a lecture to Asprova partners in Japan with theme of “Scheduler implementation in Thailand - Implementation by supporting decision making and making customers move voluntarily -”


Why C.S.I. received the Award from Asprova Corporation

Regarding the award received from Asprova Corporation in this time, we have talked to Mr. Fujii and Mr. Kamimura from Asprova Corporation about the reasons C.S.I. has been chosen and what Asprova expected from C.S.I. in the future.


1. Assessment of C.S.I. performance

We have trust in stable management and high technological skills. (Mr. Fujii)

C.S.I. has a lot of Japanese staffs, Japanese speaking staffs including a lot of local staffs, and make use of your business experiences in Japan to offer the same service as in Japan. Moreover, C.S.I. gains trust from existing users, so you can be the reliable partner. (Mr. Kamimura)

2. Difference in feeling between Thailand and Japan

I feel that the brand of Asprova product is still weak and unknown, and there are many projects with customer requirements which are difficult for implementation. (Mr. Fujii)

Job turnover rate in Thailand is higher than Japan, so in many cases, it is hard to continue use of Asprova and perform training for engineers.
From this perspective, job turnover rate in C.S.I. is low and you make great efforts on Asprova engineer training, and also is highly trusted because there are many APT (*Note) certified persons in C.S.I. (Mr. Kamimura)

*Note:APT is a certificate test from Asprova Corportation.
In C.S.I., there are many APT certified persons (both Japanese and Thai staffs) to support Asprova implementation in Thailand.

3. Expectation in the future for C.S.I.

We would be grateful for your continued cooperation to develop and provide service adapted to meet needs of local customers such as Thai translation for the latest version, contents localization, etc. (Mr. Fujii)

We expect C.S.I. to serve a wide range of customers’ needs by offering many solutions such as development for peripheral functions, interface with production control system, not only individual sales of Asprova. (Mr. Kamimura)

4. Asprova Corporation’s vision for Thailand in the future

We want to make Thailand become the central market in Southeast Asia, and especially want to increase implementation projects and successful cases.
In Thailand which becomes the hub of ASEAN in the future, we want to increase the number of Asprova implementation projects in Thai company with expansion of system to other countries. Even it is difficult to implement alone by one company, we want to find a way to implement by collaborating with various alliances. (Mr. Fujii/Mr. Kamimura)

5. What kind of customer that Asprova is recommended for?

We think that Asprova: Production scheduler is the software necessary for all kinds of customers.
For the customers who are not aware of the necessity or thinking that it is not usable, we would like them to know the usefulness/usability of Asprova software. In Asia, there are a lot of customers who still don’t know our software, so we would like to introduce our software widely for many customers. (Mr. Kamimura)

6. What kind of customer should be introduced to C.S.I.?

We would like to advertise C.S.I. to Japanese customers as the stable company with high technological skills.
Moreover, we want to introduce C.S.I. to customers who are considering not only Asprova, but also the improvement about development of peripheral functions, collaboration with other systems, etc. (Mr. Fujii/Mr. Kamimura)

Comment about award acceptance from C.S.I. person in charge

Thank you very much for the award in this time.

In Thailand, the number of factories seeking scheduler software as the next step after completely implementing production control also have been increasing.

C.S.I. would like to continue cooperation with Asprova in the future to become the No.1 vendor in scheduler implementation in Thailand, and perform day-to-day activities to implement/support not only in Thailand but also in ASEAN.

Asprova is the solution to support production planning.

Do you have any worries about these business problems?

(1)Despite having plenty of stock, there is still shortage of raw materials and WIP parts.

(2)Production line frequently stops at the end and the beginning of the month.

(3)Inflexibility in responding to urgent orders or change in due date

(4)Resignation of a planner results in worsened planning accuracy


[Asprova], the Production Scheduling System, has been published Implementation example.

>>[Implementation example] Strengthen Production Planning work by Advanced Planning System

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