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C.S.I. was introduced as a company that supports implementation/maintenance/operation for production control system in Thailand in “The accounting and tax introductory issue (Vol.66 June 2017)” of “Arayz”, a business and economic information magazine that let you know what is going on in Thailand and ASEAN.

Magazine Name
Arayz: Business magazine in Thailand, ASEAN, Bangkok

Special Issue
”Introductory accounting and taxation business for business person”

Implementation of a Japanese-born-Thai-bred package supported by Thai expert

The most powerful support by accounting system × production control system × local knowhow was born in manufacturing business.

With the goal of increasing the efficiency of production in manufacturing business & on-site operation of accounting and providing a package to support asset management, Toukei Computer who develop and sell accounting system for Japanese companies in Thailand and Ex corporation who develop and sell production control system in Japan including C.S.I. who is responsible for implementation/maintenance/operation of EX corporation’s production control system in Thailand started the collaboration among each other.

  • With the collaboration of 3 companies, what kind of merit is occurring for Japanese manufacturing business?
  • It seems to have the case that finally the implementation of packaged which is purchased for the efficiency improvement doestn’t work and don’t know what to do with it. Do you have a secret to succeeding in implementation?
  • What about the timing required for package implementation?

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>> Production Control System Factory-ONE (Japanese language)

"Factory-ONE" is a product developed by EX corporation.
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