The production control system “Factory-ONE” that its implementation/maintenance/operaiton support in Thailand is done by C.S.I. was introduced at Toukei Computer’s exhibition booth in the 2nd “Accounting & Financial EXPO”.

On the event day, the members of CSI-JS (CSI’s subsidiary in Japan) also arrived on the exhibition site to support the event and introduced C.S.I. Group.


About CSI-JS (CSI’s subsidiary in Japan)

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Message from Tajima: the person in charge of CSI-JS (CSI’s subsidiary in Japan)

Thank you very much for visiting even though it rained on the first day, and it was in extreme heat on the second and third day.

In this time, Toukei Computer staffs got a creative with the exhibition to set up the booth by focusing the scope of exhibition on Southeast Asia (Thailand). However, it is differentiated from other companies with the obvious target, so it’s easy to understand and made an impact on the visitors.

We got a chance to hear the valued opinion and the issue of the overseas branches which is very important and useful for the overseas business in the future.

From now on, C.S.I., together with Toukei Computer and EX corporation will contiue to support all customers to lead to the overseas expansion and business success.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Comments from EX corporation: EX Mail Magazine VOL.101

Toukei Computer, our partner presented at “Accounting & Financial EXPO 2017” taken place at Tokyo Big Signt during July 26 – 28, 2017, and we, EX corporation together with C.S.I. Solutions (CSI’s subsidiary in Japan) also supported and presented at the same booth.

In the event, our company presented the production control system for overseas business “Factory-ONE GL”, and the strategic SCM service “EXtelligence EDIFAS”.

Toukei Computer has locally expanded the powerful accounting system “swifT” for ASEAN, especially for Thailand, so the sales performance in coordination with “Factory-ONE GL” is increasing also.

Our company, EX corporation has strengthened the alliance with “Toukei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.” which is the overseas affiliated company in Thailand of Toukei Computer, and “C.S.I. SOLUTIONS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.” that was established in Thailand over 26 years, so this time we run a booth together.

This exhibition is related to “Accounting and Finance”, so there are not that many visitors who have the needs about production control system. However, during the presentation of “Factory-ONE GL” against many visitors, we have heard the positive stories such as “We have a plan to expand the business to overseas, and we are considering the system implementatation along with the new factory construction”, “We are looking for production control system which can link to accounting system” from the visitors. These stories will become a momentum for the further business expansion in the future.

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C.S.I. Group’s document handed over on the event day


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【View in PDF】 C.S.I. Group’s introduction document (Distributed in Accounting & Financial EXPO)

Event Atmosphere

◆Picture 1:
Exhibition booth of Toukei Computer


◆Picture 2:
The big screen in the booth


◆Picture 3:
On the event day, the leaflet introducing C.S.I. Group has been distributed.


◆Picture 4:
In the business negotiation area, each expert directly gave an explanation to the attending customers.


Event Outline : The 2nd “Accounting & Financial EXPO”

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Leaflet introducing the 2nd “Accounting & Financial EXPO” Exhibition

【Event Info】Production control system “Factory-ONE” was introduced in “Accounting & Financial EXPO”(At Toukei Computer’s booth)

Period:26 July 2017 (Wed) – 28 July 2017 (Fri)

Place:Tokyo Big Sight (Japan), East Hall 5, Toukei Computer’s exhibition booth (23-38)

Exhibition Website

Toukei Computer Website

For the companies who expand their business to Southeast Asia, and the person in charge of management planning, accounting & finance, information system

The companies expaning their business to Thailand ASEAN
Introduction of successful system example
Expand system to Southeast Asia/Gather experts in various fields!!


  • Thai finance/accounting “swifT” (Toukei Computer)
  • Production control “Factory-ONE”(EX corporation)
  • Thai local system implementation/maintenance (CSI)

Cooperative structure consisting of accounting system×production control system×local knowhow

Regarding the cooperative relationship among Toukei Computer, EX corportation, and C.S.I., please refer to this.

【News & Media】C.S.I.’s story appeared in “The accounting and tax introductory issue” of Arayz


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Production Control System Factory-ONE
“Factory-ONE” is a product developed by EX corporation.
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